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Re: MSM310 Recommended Number of Clients per AP


MSM310 Recommended Number of Clients per AP

Hello All,



2 questions.


I have an infrastructure with about 20 MSS310 APs.  Some are branded HP and others are branded Colubris.   I kknow that theoretically the AP can be set to handle up to 128 clients but I would never want that.  With these older APs can someone tell me a real world nuber for recommended number of clients given todays demands and possibly provide a link to some documentation to support that number?  I seem to be having issues when it gets close to 10-12 clients.  These APs  seems to be pretty old, most seem to have been made around 2006



Second question.  Can someone tell me when the MSM310's were first manufactured?



Thanks in advance!

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Re: MSM310 Recommended Number of Clients per AP

Consider that


1. Wireless is a half duplex medium

2. Wireless is a shared medium

3. Wireless is prone to disturbances


802.11g has theoretical maximum throughput of 54Mb/s. However because of the limitations posed by the abovementioned, in real-live environment reaching steady throughput of 30Mb/s is good performance. Since it's shared, in principle 2 g-clients get 15Mb/s each, 10 get 3Mb/s each etc. 128 clients is the radio maximum, but you can't really put more than 20-25 / radio and expect any kind of usability.


The problems you're experiencing with 10-12 clients migh be due to interference, or old FW version... or something else. Remember that MSM310 is not any kind of performance powerhouse. I personally wouldn't even try more than 10 with those.


There's really no way to find out anymore when first of these were produced. Colubris was already selling them before HP acquired it, so...


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Re: MSM310 Recommended Number of Clients per AP

The Colubris CN320 was introduced in mid-2004 if I recall correctly. It was one hell of an improvement over the CN300 that's for sure!


And yes, I'd put max clients at about 10-15 as well. Disabling 802.11b will help.