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MSM313/323 VLAN Trunking question

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MSM313/323 VLAN Trunking question

Hi all,

Does anybody know how to trunk VLAN(s) to a 313 or a 323 MSM series hotspot. Currently my MSM 323 is plugged into port 23 on my ProCurve 2910al and its set to tag all VLAN(s) on that port.

Port 23 is currently connected to the Internet port on my MSN and its currently set to only access VLAN traffic.

My bridge port address is set to but I can't ping it from my ProCurve.

And my LAN port is connected to a PoE switch which I only use for Power, I was thinking that I can configure this AP by just using the internet port since the LAN port is to hook up another Access point.

This is all quite new to me if anybody has any suggestions please let me know.



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