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MSM320-R Obselete?

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MSM320-R Obselete?

We have a few MSM320-R (J9365B) in our enviroment and I went to order another and the sales rep at Tiger Direct said they were discontinued.


Does anyone know what replaced this model?



Richard Litchfield
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Re: MSM320-R Obselete?

The ruggedised outdoor models (310-R and 320-R) have been replaced by the MSM466-R.


The MSM466-R has essentially the same specs as the MSM466 indoor unit, but in a rugged, outdoor housing.

  • 3x3:3 three spatial stream on each radio for 450Mbps x2 for dual radio (both at 5GHz if you want)
  • POE powered (at -20C the heater kicks in which requires POE+)
  • rated -40C to +55C
  • IP67, NEMA 4X
  • etc

MSM466-R product info

CRN photo from MS Tech.Ed2012 in Australia last week

CRN Tech.Ed water feature view.jpg