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MSM410 Management & VLANs

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MSM410 Management & VLANs

I have a pair of MSM410 APs that I picked up at the recommendation of a poster here and they work great (Way better than the old Procurve 420's I had). The problem I'm having is with regards to management. I have two SSIDs on my APs, both are on tagged VLANs. One SSID is unencrypted and on its own VLAN & subnet with internet access only. The other SSID is encrypted and on my internal LANs VLAN. Both of these work great. The problem is management. The APs won't let me assign my LAN VLAN because it's in use with an SSID, so in order to manage them, I need to assign the 'default VLAN' (1) untagged to their ports and then connect a client to the same VLAN. These APs are connected up to a newly acquired 5406zl switch.


Prior to the 5460zl, I had a Procurve 2610-24-12PWR that the APs were connected to (among other things) and three 3Com 2824SFP Plus switches. Because I am not using VLAN1, my 'workaround' for managing the APs was the same as for managing the 3Com switches: on one of the 3Coms I had one port set to VLAN1 and one to my LANs VLAN and connected a cable between the two to bridge the VLANs. Now that I have a REAL switch, while I could still do that, I obviously don't want to do it.


Is there any way to get these APs to be manageable on the same VLAN as my LAN, which is assigned to one of the SSIDs?