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MSM410 Problem, stops functioning

Craig Lyndes
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MSM410 Problem, stops functioning

I have a MSM760 controller and 33 MSM410 radios for a wireless network in a 700 student middle school. The radios are in every other room (fairly close together) to cover a large number of potential users, and to give corner to corner coverage in the classrooms.

The connecting Ethernet network is an HP4208 backbone with HP 1700 or 1800-G switches in the classrooms. No vlans.

The MSM760 is set up very simply, offering an open network to anyone.

Since we have started using this (3 months ago)we have had complaints from end users that their wireless connection fails. Power cycling the MSM410 fixes it. The MSM760 manager says everything is fine (no errors).

I have gotten two un-released software updates from HP, neither of which has completely solved the problem (it does seem to be happening less often).

Has anyone else seen this problem? If so, does anyone have any further information? So far I have not observed any patterns to the failures that might explain what is going on.

I do have an open support ticket on this, but am hoping other users might help with more data points.

Craig Lyndes
St Albans City School


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Re: MSM410 Problem, stops functioning

Can you tell which SW version you are using? Is it a 5.3.something? What kind of radio configuration do you have? 11n in the 5Ghz, or 2GHz? pure 11n or compatibility mode?

These problems are hard to debug, it usually requires baby steps to get to the root of the problem. If it was on a couple of 410 I could have suggested a bad HW/radio, but on all 33 it is doubtful.

It might be an interaction with the clients you are using. Do you have a standard client base (meaning with the same NICs) or are they completely different manufacturers.

What I've seen is some sort of weird behavior when clients where configure in compatibility modes (like n/b/g kind of thing). The data rates negotiated with the AP where changing a lot and that was creating some issues.

Next time the problem happens, can you go inside the MSM760 controller and look at your client data rates to see if the clients connects to the highest data rates or if they connect with low data rates. Maybe that would lead to something... hard to say...
Craig Lyndes
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Re: MSM410 Problem, stops functioning


Thanks for your reply!

I am currently using software version 5.3.5.

The radio config is;
Access Point Only
802.11 n/b/g
Channel Automatic
Distance between access points Small
Otherwise default settings.
Using 2GHz

We have no standard client. We have a lot of similar computers (laptop carts) but so far no pattern. One possibility is an adult who uses a Mac all day to do database work points out the failures a lot. However it is probable it is because he is so dependent on the wireless, not that he uses a Mac. Lots of iPhones etc connecting too.

>What I've seen is some sort of weird >behavior when clients where configure in >compatibility modes (like n/b/g kind of >thing). The data rates negotiated with the >AP where changing a lot and that was >creating some issues.

The next time we have a failure, I will check the clients before resetting the access point and note what speeds are noted.

Craig Lyndes
St Albans City School