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MSM410 VLAN no network or internet connectivity

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MSM410 VLAN no network or internet connectivity



I have searched all over and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.  I just got 5 MSM410 APs in, and am working on configuring for employee and guest access.


What I have done:


1.  Created a Guest network profile, given VLAN ID 100.

2.  Tagged Port 1 for Guest VLAN 100.

3.  Created VSC for employee access. (This works fine, no VLAN Egress)

4.  Created VSC for guest access, tagged VLAN ID 100 for Egress.


I get nothing from the Guest access.  I feel like I need to be configuring something in the switch and/or firewall (Default gateway) for this VLAN to access the outside world, but I am kind of at a loss.  This is the first time I am configuring vlan on wireless AP, but when I configured VLANs on switches, I had a lot more options...


The APs are connecting to Juniper 2200 PoE Switches, and we have a Cisco 5515 firewall as our default gateway.


Can anyone tell me what I am missing?