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MSM410 error

Patrik Holmberg
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MSM410 error

I have a MSM410. The colour dots on "port 1" and 3 VLAN is red "Down".
The ather dots is green.
Where can i set these dots to green?
is there something wrong or is there somthing i can do or have i done somthing wrong?
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Re: MSM410 error

What other dots do you see as "green"? A screen capture would help me better understand. Could you please upload one in this discussion thread?

You cannot really set these to "green" it is a matter of having the port physically connected to the network/switch and that have the speed and duplex auto negotiation successful. In case an assuming the port is connected to the network with a physical cable, try setting the speed and duplex manually on the product and the switch so that they match.