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MSM410 firmware downgrade?

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MSM410 firmware downgrade?

Hello everyone!


I'm currently running a MSM765 controller with a few MSM410 AP's. I recently purchased a few new MSM410 AP's to expand the coverage of our wireless network, but it seems these new AP's have a newer firmware version and refuses to work.


The existing MSM767 and MSM410 use firmware version, and the new AP's come with version 5.3.6. When connecting the new AP's, the controller discovers them, but fails with the message "Firmware Failure, New firmware failed to upload to the AP. The service controller will retry soon".


How do i solve this? Is i possible to downgrade the firmware on the new AP's to 5.3.3, or do i have to upgrade the firmware on the MSM765-controller and all the old AP's? Either way, I am unable to find any firmware-files for download from HP...



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Re: MSM410 firmware downgrade?



You will have to contact HP support in order to obtain newer code for the controller.

You can't download revision b units due to new DFS regulation in Europe.

The version you need is 5.3.5