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MSM422 Antenna Ordering Guide

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MSM422 Antenna Ordering Guide

Is there an antenna ordering guide for the MSM422 or any of the MSM access points?  Looking for different antenna options and full descriptions to understand part numbers for antennas and cables.  Some documentation that explains antenna quantities would help also.  For example, does the following:

J8997A   HP 3 dBi Dual Band Diversity Antenna

come with a pair of antenna or just one so I can determine quantity that needs to be ordered with an MSM422 or any other MSM family of access points able to use this?



Occasional Advisor

Re: MSM422 Antenna Ordering Guide


  Good evening, the antenna in question J8997A is a single antenna with 2 SMA cables

Datasheet: ftp://ftp.netorn.net/pub/HP/software/3dBI-antenna-59913836-05-06.pdf

And just a reminder, for radio 1 on the MSM422 in an N mode you need 3 antennas(Posts A-B-C) to take advantage of the spacial diversity technique, in this case the J8997A is a single unit Diversity antenna (2 antennas) and would not be suitable for N applications, and as of Firmware 5.4.2.x you cannot specify which antenna posts to use outside of "Internal(The "wings")" or "External(A-B-C)"

Antenna choice really depends on what you're trying to get done. HP pre-sales is usually pretty helpful in this department.