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MSM422 Suspicious State

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MSM422 Suspicious State



We have a MSM765 with MSM422 APs connected.  One of the APs always goes into a suspicious state.  I remove it from the controller and it gets detected again.  Even if I accept it in the suspicious state it will continue to remain in that state.  The APs and controller are running firmware


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: MSM422 Suspicious State

Good evening,

     According to the documentation for the MSM76X series...

"Suspicious device The AP unexpectedly requested new authentication 
certificates from the controller. Possible causes are as 
  • A previously synchronized AP was reset to factory defaults. 
  • An unauthorized AP may be using the same MAC address. 
This is a possible security breach that should be 
investigated before authorizing the AP again."

A few diagnostic steps here may help... Just a reminder that some of these steps will delete AP specific configuration... make sure you have a backup recorded.

1. Factory reset the device, this commonly triggers the suspicious device warning but it may help in this case
2. Remove and Rediscover the device
3. Delete the device entirely from the controller and power cycle the device
4. If all else fails... try power cycling the controller

Also be aware of any changes that may have taken place to the network between the controller and the access point in question.


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Re: MSM422 Suspicious State


need to configure EAP-SIM bases ssid. also need to sync Controller and
1) how to configure EAP-SIM based SSID.
2) how to connect RADIUS and controller (Authentication, port etc).

Pls suggest