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MSM422 with Windows XP - Firewall question

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MSM422 with Windows XP - Firewall question


We use an MSM765 controller with MSM422 AP's the clients use Windows XP and they authenticate via IAS.

Now i am wondering if anyone can tell me why the wireless is not working or very badly when you enable the build in windows firewall on the wireless nic.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: MSM422 with Windows XP - Firewall question

There is no special traffic going on between the AP/controller and the client. I think this looks more like an issue between the XP firewall and the wireless driver on the PC. It could also simply be that the firewall is not authorizing/blocking the traffic and therefore it ends up in a perception that the wireless is bad. If it works fine without the firewall (as it is supposed to), it is most likely a problem on the PC/client side. Trying with another PC model, or OS, or update the wireless driver on the PC might fix the issue. If not, there is definitely traffic that the firewall is blocking, so an observation of the firewall rules on your PC might lead to an indication that specific traffic is dropped.