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MSM430 Antenna Coverage

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MSM430 Antenna Coverage

hi all,

     i have a question regarding the MSM 430 intenal antenna 5 dBi 2.4 GHz  coverage 

     what is the practical coverage distance for this antenna


     i need to determine no. of access points in this floor plan attached the wall are made of concerete

     the floor area is 31 meter X 41 meter

     the floor is consist of 6 apartments each apartment contains 4 rooms 


   any help will be appreciated


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Re: MSM430 Antenna Coverage



If the wall are made of concrete, 1 MSM430 will not be able to cover all the rooms.


But is is quite easy to put just 1 MSM430 and use a laptop with netstumber(XP) or vistumber to run a quick/cheap survey.


However, you must take note those tools capture either beacon or probe-response frame and record the power seen, usually the management frames are sent at very low wifi rate, for 2.4Ghz lowest rate is 1M, for 5Ghz it is 6M, and the txpower is the highest for those frames.


As your wifi rate increase, the txpower is lowered to meet packet-error-rate, you can see these value in the datasheet of the MSM430.