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MSM430 Guest Network Setup

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MSM430 Guest Network Setup

Hi Guys


I'm having issues setting up a guest network on my MSM430 AP. I'm running this without an access controller at present.


I have setup 2 VSCs and 2 vLANs (Internal & External) and i just want the external vLAN to point to the internet only.


I can connect to both SSIDs OK but both give me access to the internal network.


Can this be done without a controller?


I've spent a week scratching my head on this one and would really be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction as to where i am going wrong?


I look forward to any help that can be given.




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Re: MSM430 Guest Network Setup

Sure you can do that (I personally think they should have made this easier to do...):

* Open web interface on IP of AP (or in case no dhcp server is available).


* Make VLAN definition

Go to Network - Network Profiles, define new Profile  with vlan option enabled and the required vlan ID


* Bind VLAN to Physical Ethernet port

go to Network - Ports : Add the network profile to the VLAN list, link it to port1 (the ethernet port)


* Bind VSC(SSID) to Network Profile (VLAN)

Go to VSCs - open/create the VSC you want, and select the desired network profile in the Egress Network option.


Save, and repeat for the other VSC if you need it.

Without the specific egress network, the AP will pass the wireless traffic UNTAGGED on the ethernet port, this is why the 2 SSIDs were connected to the internal net at first.

Make sure to configure proper vlan tagging on the POE switch.

On the switch you can validate the mac learning in the new vlan e.g.:

 show mac-address vlan x

Should give you mac-addresses on the AP port (which means the AP is doing proper vlan tagging).



that should be it !