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MSM430 getting stuck -- needing restart

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MSM430 getting stuck -- needing restart

I have (3) different customers with these problems...  They all run MSM 760 controllers with MSM 430 APs and MSM 422 APs.  The MSM 422 APs never experience problems, but the MSM 430 APs are constantly getting stuck and needing to be restarted.


When you navigate to from the Main page ->  Controller ->  Controlled APs ->  Default Group -> it listed all the APs and shows two radio icons.  When an AP gets stuck, those radio icons are GRAYED OUT and if you mouse-over them show "pending" as the state.  Furthermore, any and all statistics for that AP do not update whatsoever.   You cannot even download the .bin file for that AP.   The only resolution is to restart the AP. 


I've seen this on at least 20 different APs in the last 2 weeks at customers.   They all run code.   After the reboot, they seem fine.... And I don't think I've had an issue yet with the problem re-occuring on the same AP again and again, it's all just so random. 


I have three cases open with HP on this....  Anyone else seeing these problems wih the MSM430s?

Jesse R
Source One Technology, Inc.
HP Partner

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