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we installed over 120 MSM430s no controller.

all connected to HP POE Switches.


for over a year now, we've never had problems.


recently, we encounter this problems


1. we can get IP from the connected AP but cannot access Internet

2. when we restart the AP it starts working again but we have to do this everytime manually.

3. it happens randomly sometimes and some APs needs restart to work again.


can anyone please help to get a fix on this issues.


thanks in advance

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Re: MSM430

I think your environment is already change. I don't know the number of User and Device is higher than 1 year ago.

If it increase, It may have a problem for Concurrent Device to Connect.


The Solution is You need to plug MSM 760 Controller in your environment. It may help to solve the laod sharing of your devices.


Re: MSM430

maybe its because of the load. did you check on any error log in the AP?