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MSM460 factory reset not working

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MSM460 factory reset not working

I have a few MSM460 I am trying to factory reset but when following the manual for the product the status/power LED never flashes three time. 

All lights flash slowly about 6 times then all lights flash rapidly around 16 times. Then the AP goes to have a solid power light and radio 2 blinks rapidly and radio 1 blinks slowly. 

Any ideas what is going on with these APs?

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Re: MSM460 factory reset not working


Press and hold the reset button, and release after 3x flashes.

The next mode is for something else.

You will sometime have to do it more than once - I have had to do the reset 6x time to actually get it to factory defaults ie clear.


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Re: MSM460 factory reset not working

Good to know. I will give that a try later today.


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Re: MSM460 factory reset not working

i have tried multiple times to factory a used msm460 i recently was  given.

at boot all that happens is that the power light stays on, the ethernet light is off, and the radio 1 and radio 2 lights blink quickly without pattern that i could find.

after trying to factory reset it myself and waiting for the 3 slwoer blinks to happen it still does this.


any ideas what is wrong with it?