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MSM710 AP License

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MSM710 AP License

Hi everyone,

I know my MSM710 is an old device but we aquired a new company and need to add more AP licenses to the MSM710 for at least a year before we can upgrade the site. Is it still possible to buy an extra 10 AP licenses, or a 25 license pack? If so, what would be the part number I require?

Since we will be scrapping everything, I don't want to put in too much money into the upgrade right now. if the only option is to get a MSM720 or something, I could possibly do that as well.


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Re: MSM710 AP License

If I recall correctly (check HP MSM Controllers Series QuickSpecs) the HP MSM710 (Mobility J9325A/Access J9328A) Controller admits up to 10 APs (for a grandtotal of 100 concurrent users), not more.

In other words it doesn't support additional licenses to extend that fixed number as happens instead with MSM720 - from 10 to 40 APs - and higher MSM models like the MSM760 and MSM765 zl - from 40 to 200 APs.

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Re: MSM710 AP License

It might be worthwhile talking to our Pre-Sales too:

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