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MSM710 Controller ( + Four (4) MSM410 APs

Beau Deen
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MSM710 Controller ( + Four (4) MSM410 APs

I'm on the alumni board of my college fraternity and we wanted to install a centrally-managed wifi system in the chapter house; a system that would allow the undergrads to move about the house, while staying connected, while seeing one SSID and using one passcode that we can change each semester. We have the network setup as follows (DHCP is setup on the RV082 and disabled on the MSM710):

Cable modem --> RV082 Router (WAN1). Then RV082 Switch Port 1 --> MSM710 LAN Port.

We then have RV082 Switch Port 2 --> PoE Switch Ports 1 - 4 --> 4 MSM410 APs.

What we're experiencing is we can see the SSID but when we try to connect to the internet the network will not pass our devices an IP. Obviously we have screwed up the config; anyone have any ideas? Many, many thanks in advance.