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MSM710 Firmware

Jaap Hoetmer

MSM710 Firmware

Hi there.


I tried to upgrade the firmware of a MSM710 from




to version


V5.5.3.0-MR_V5.5.3.0-MSM710 or V5.5.1-B9677_V5.5.1.0-MSM710-B9677


both available from the download section of the My Networking site. However, both firmware upgrades failed and generated the following error:


"Firmware upgrade aborted because the new firmware is not correctly signed. Restarting with previous version."


I verified the Management and Configuration Guide but could not find this error message.

Does anyone have a clue as to what to do to get the firmware installed, or to understand why it doesn't work as intended?


Thanks, regards,




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Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: MSM710 Firmware

Never seen that error.. could you double check the m5 hash of the release, in case it was broken during download?

MD5 (V5.5.1.0-MSM710-B9677.cim) = 25beea0b397954dc804f84fade3082a3


You could also try using a 5.4 version as interim, maybe the 5.3 -> 5.5 jump is not supported.

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Jaap Hoetmer

Re: MSM710 Firmware

Thanks for the reply, the MD5 hash is correct so it is not due to download issues.


However, I did find the following in the 5.5.3 release notes:


"Only MSM7xx Controllers and MSM Access Points that
are covered by a software Care Pack or software Contract can be upgraded from v5.3.x or 5.4.x to
v5.5.0. Please contact HP Support for entitlement determination and download instructions."


I don't believe this device currently has a valid contract or Care Pack, but the error message doesn't seem to indicate that this is the reason why the upgrade is not performed.


Thanks, regards,


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Re: MSM710 Firmware

Hey Jaap,


I have a MSM710 controller and upgraded it to and there it is stuck. Can down or upgrade.

I get this error message everytime. 

**Firmware upgrade aborted because the new firmware is not correctly signed. Restarting with previous version.**


Have you solved yours?