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MSM710 Installation Issue

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MSM710 Installation Issue

A customer  emailed the following inquiry:


“I am trying to install a MSM710 but with no success.
My scenario is like this:
- we would like to have two WLANs Guest and internal.
But im am struggeling right know with the rigth solution..
Should I just use the internet port, oder should I do a configuration with the LAN Port and the Internet Port.
I don't know exactly which way is right.

So we would like to get the IPs for the internal WLAN from our internal Domain controller. And the external Guest WLAN should get his own IPs from the controller MSM710 itself.

I read a lot and I think that the best solution would be a sepeeratet VLAN for each WLAN. We have already a VLAN for the internal WLAN (VLAN 5)
and we could take VLAN 6 for the Guest WLAN.


Do you have any ideas how I can get this solution running in the best way?”

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Re: MSM710 Installation Issue



The best option is to pick up the Implementation guide from http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/DocumentIndex.jsp?contentType=SupportManual&lang=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64179&taskId=101&prodTypeId=12883&prodSeriesId=3963981. It's a big bible, but you only need to read the introduction/overviev of each solution to understand what it's good for, about 15 pages all in all. Choose a suitable solution and implement that. Then fine-tune it according to the individual needs.


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