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MSM710 Lost DHCP...Suddenly?


MSM710 Lost DHCP...Suddenly?

I don't have a lot of time to work on my setup these days, so once I managed to get things working I left it that way. Now the DHCP suddenly has stopped 'working'.

My configuration is a completely flat network on a single subnet (.1.x). The Internet port of the controller is set to that subnet and routes to my firewall/router, which also serves DHCP addresses. The LAN port is set to the .0.x subnet, with the controller serving DHCP addresses(through tunnel only, not the LAN port) to the WLAN clients. Internal routing passes their requests through the controller onto the .1.x subnet to the network destination or to the Firewall/Router to be passed through to the Internet. No VLANs or anything. Simple.

This was working fine for weeks. Early this morning, my Router/Firewall packed up with 'full memory' and shut my Internet access down. I restarted it, then an hour later had to do it again. It's been fine since. But now WLAN clients authenticate to the APs, but they don't pick up any IP addresses. The GUI shows everything as normal, but when I checked the logs I found a dhcpd error in loading the address cache. All I can find looking these up are related to Linux/Unix/HPUX/etc.

Watching the full logs show machines on my .1.x network 'authenticating' to the controller, although they aren't set up to do so. A Vista notebook that I plugged in showed it was connected to network name 'Wireless' in the Network Sharing Center. DHCP on the .1.x subnet is working as it should, however.

Any ideas? I'm fresh out.



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B Stigge
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Re: MSM710 Lost DHCP...Suddenly?

Hi, I´ve got the exact same problem. I have been spooken with HP support who are going to give me a hand, propably today. I will give U an update as soon as possible.

Re: MSM710 Lost DHCP...Suddenly?

Thanks, Bill. I haven't had any time to call their support to ask, since our WLAN is more of an 'extra' than an essential service...Yet.

I'm thinking they'll probably ask you to backup or make note of your settings, then reset the unit to it's factory config. I might try that anyway, since my setup is fairly simple.
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Re: MSM710 Lost DHCP...Suddenly?



there was some problem with the old firmware. So just upgrade and it works.