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MSM710 + MSM410 VLAN's

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MSM710 + MSM410 VLAN's

Hi All,

I have a MSM710 WLAN controller connected to a HP 2810 switch. This controller controls a few MSM410 AP's.

I've configured two vlan's on the switch, private and public network.

When i connect to vlan2 with a cable, everything works fine. I get a separate subnet with limited internet access.

Somehow i cannot get the vlan's to work on the wireless controller.

Do i need to set the vlan in the vsc binding or in the vsc itself?

Do i need to use the internet port?


Thanks in advance.


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Trevor Commulynx
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Re: MSM710 + MSM410 VLAN's

Depends on what you are doing exactly. To have a VLAN assigned to each VSC then you configure it at the Binding, but you also need to TAG that VLAN on the switch. You can run the controller with the internet port for the public side and not use it for you private. this means that you can route public traffic through the controller over a DMZ lets say, and have the Private network come directly off the AP onto your private network.

I make my AP management VLAN untagged and then TAG the appropriate ports per VSC Binding. etc on the switch.


Re: MSM710 + MSM410 VLAN's

Don't forget that the port labelled "internet" is the most important port. Start with that always. The LAN port is often not required at all.

Configure VLANs in the network setup of the controller, and use VLAN egress mapping to assign the VSC to specific VLANs.

As an example of LAN port usage, if you want wired devices or third party APs to go through the controller (access-control mode) connect them to the LAN port and use VSC Ingress mapping in the VSC that they will use.

Hope that helps.
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Re: MSM710 + MSM410 VLAN's

Hi, I was just wondering how you got this to work?
I have my MSM 710 and 1 access point working on my switch connecting to my default subnet.
Do I need at least 2 MSM 410's to get a VLAN to work?
I am not sure how to do this as VLANS are one thing on a switch, but VLAn's with the controller confuses the hell out of me.
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Re: MSM710 + MSM410 VLAN's

YOu can check the implementation guide found in my.procurve.com which has pelnty of information about different configurations and uses