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MSM710 Station Table Entry error

Patrick Fung
Occasional Visitor

MSM710 Station Table Entry error

Hi all,

I get the two following errors frequently through on my MSM710 ( What is the actual problem causing this error?

Nov 20 10:41:19 warni iprulesmgr Station Table Entry (id='14',ip-address='',mac-address='00:22:68:1B:7E:B2',virtual-ap-index='1') exists with the IP address claimed by the new station (mac-address='70:1A:04:6B:C8:85'), for security reason we're terminating both station access.

Nov 20 10:41:19 warni iprulesmgr A second MAC Address (new-mac-address='00:22:68:1B:7E:B2',mac-address-existing-station='70:1A:04:6B:C8:85') was detected using this IP address (ip-address='') for security reason, access for this IP will be terminated



Re: MSM710 Station Table Entry error

I would say that a computer plugged into your network is statically configured to use that IP address (00:22:68 is Foxconn, a motherboard mfr.). A wireless device (70:1A:04 is LiteOn, but they could make any one of other wireless brands...) is trying to grab that IP and the MSM is deep-sixing both of them for security concerns.

If you have a larger IT department or Help Desk, I'd check with them since they'd most certainly have logged a complaint at some point, unless the two devices happen to be sitting idle.