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MSM710 allowing limited number of guest connections

Imex Dan
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MSM710 allowing limited number of guest connections

We have an MSM710 setup with a DSL router straight off of the internet port. A GuestLAN SSID is broadcast with only WPA enabled (no html forms auth or Radius etc). Users can connect to the GuestLAN, pickup a DHCP address from the VSC and (with client data tunnel on) they can web browse out via the Internet Port to the DSL router.

The problem seems to be that only a limited number of connections seem to work at any one time (2 or 3). Are there any restrictions or known issues with this kind of setup?

The main Enterprise SSID/VSC connected on the LAN side of the MSM is working fine for 30+ users over multiple APs. So the only differences between the two VSCs are that the Guest uses Client Data Tunnel and the Internet Port for connectivity.

Any help much appreciated as I am a bit stuck on this.



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Re: MSM710 allowing limited number of guest connections

Hi Imex


That's probably the most widely used implementation out there - the Internet port doesn't care whether it connects directly to a router or to a switch. By default the controller doesn't have such restrictions.


I assume you haven't set filters or restrictions in the VSC itself?


Since your employee VSC (which I assume goes through LAN port) works, this sort of smells like a router issue. Maybe it only allows 2-3 MAC addresses simultaneously. I'd check that with your ISP.


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Re: MSM710 allowing limited number of guest connections

Just in Case if NATing is enabled under the Internet port check the NAT limit there under the port, other than that