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MSM710 and External DHCP Server

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MSM710 and External DHCP Server

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I have dug through the posts and the config manual, and I am coming up with nothing so I am curious to see what others have done with this.


I have a MSM710 controller and an external DHCP server running multiple scopes. At the moment, I have the controller, AP's and the clients for the internal corporate VCPs connecting to the DHCP server's primary scope (10.10.2.x) correctly. The controller and the AP's are manually set to 10.10.2.x static IPs as well. Finally I have Active Directory doing authentication for the corporate VSC's. I also have a Guest VCP set up, tunneling traffic out the Internet port, and the MSM710's internal DHCP server dooling out IPs for that client tunnel only. No VLANs to muddy the waters, its all on the same layer 2 network, etc. 


Everything is working correctly, however I would like the corporate clients to connect using a different DHCP scope (say 10.10.3.x). I have set up the Windows 2k3 DHCP server's scope options for 10.10.3.x with the Colubris options per the configuration guide. However when a corporate client connects, it is still grabbing from the 10.10.2.x network, and I am at a loss for WHY. 


First thought is the DHCP server is screwy, however I have a subnet for our IP Phones and that is working without any issues. My second thought is that the controller needs to have a 10.10.3.x address set up, and everything else will fall like dominios. I really hesitate to change that IP address, unless I can map it to have BOTH (say adding it to the active routes?) I noticed in the config guide on page 120 it said "A separate DHCP server can be enabled on each VSC to provide custom addressing that is different from the base DHCP subnet that is determined by the LAN port IP address." Not sure if that was indicating the controller's LAN port must already have an IP address in the scope you wish to use...?


I know a tertiary option would be use the MSM710 DHCP server here as well but since I already have an external DHCP server sitting on the same LAN port, won't that cause it to go bonkers? Especially since I would need to turn on Access Control, which I don't need since I have AD running. 


Thoughts, suggestions, similar circumstances??

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Re: MSM710 and External DHCP Server

If you want corporate clients to connect to a VSC and get a specific DHCP scope handed to them from your external server (which is what I have setup at several customers) you will need to setup a separate VSC for EACH dhcp range/scope you want.


For example.


VSC-3 is for 10.10.30.x/24

VSC-4 is for 10.10.40.x/24


Then when you setup your VSC bindings, make sure that VSC is egressed to the proper VLAN (network profile).  


For example,

You can setup VSC-3 to be egressed to VLAN30, and VSC-4 to be egressed to VLAN40. 


On your switches, you will need to setup a DHCP helper IP address for each of those VLANs pointing to your main DHCP server IP.  You will also need to appropriately tag/untag your switch ports where the APs are plugged into.


For example,

Switch #1, port 15 (which has an MSM430 plugged into to), set VLAN30 and VLAN40 for tagged, and VLAN1 for untagged.  (this is assuming the APs have a static/DHCP IP address in VLAN1).


Also, with your MSM710, make SURE its NOT listening for DHCP on the LAN port (Controller -> Network -> Address Allocation -> DHCP Server -> Configuration -> and UNCHECK LAN port.)


Hope that helps?



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