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MSM710 and MSM317 Setup with VLANs (MSM317 faulting?)


MSM710 and MSM317 Setup with VLANs (MSM317 faulting?)


I have MSM710 and a MSM317 device here, and I am trying to build a basic test infrastructure.
I just tried to bind the Management Interface and the AP-Subnet, where the controller discovers APs, to different VLANs.

The switchport to which the lanport is connected is untagged in the management-vlan and tagged in the ap-vlan. I configured the LAN-Interface with an IP from our mgmt lan and, addiotinally, added a vlan with the appropriate vlan id and ip for the ap-vlan on the MSM710.

Then, I provisioned the MSM317 with the appropriate vid and IP of the ap-vlan and entered the controllers ip in the ap-vlan for discovery.

After restarting the MSM317, it takes a while to befores it shows up in the controllers "discovered devices" view. but when I try to accept the device, it says some error like "could not take appropriate web action" and the device is not shown in the table any more. After waiting another ~2 to 3 minutes, the MSM317 is in the view again, but the error repeats everytime I try to accept the device.

So I decided to take some tests to further investigate into the Problem. Anyway, I found out, that the MSM317 is not pingable some time after it was booted (by a notebook in the ap-vlan). When the 317 boots up, I can ping it and access the WebUI. Waiting another ~2 minutes, ping goes away and I am not able to access the webUI anymore.

Can anyone tell me if I did an error in the configuration, or maybe this is a bug or something?

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Re: MSM710 and MSM317 Setup with VLANs (MSM317 faulting?)

not sure about that but u can make sure that the controller will apply same provision settings once the AP is discovered, you need to go to the default group or the group that will handle this AP and go to configuration choose 317 and configure same provisioning so that once it's discovered and the controller tries to sync the config the provision will remain with same settings.

easy way to check if it's config issue or nto is to untag the AP and the LAn port in the same vlan and discovery using L2 with no provision