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MSM710 firmware upgrade

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MSM710 firmware upgrade

Dear All,


I have an MS 710 (J9325A) which is currently running software v  I would like to upgrade to v5.5.3 but can't find the answers to a couple queries I have.


1. Can I upgrade to 5.5.3 from 5.5.1 or do I need to go through 5.5.2 first?

2. I've modified some of the files on my device (changed the login page, added logos etc) - will these changes be retained or would I have to re-apply them after the upgrade?


Thanks in advance.



Re: MSM710 firmware upgrade

I've upgraded an MSM760 from 5.5.1 to 5.5.3 without any problems.

Even better, our old problems were retained too :)


Don't know about the web pages, but archive them before the upgrade to be sure!