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MSM710 full, need two more AP

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Mauro Furini
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MSM710 full, need two more AP

Hi all, I have a controller MSM710 with 10 Ap associated, but I need to add another 2 ap to expand the coverage area. At the moment I can't suggest at the customer to buy the MSM760, so anyone has experience about roaming between controlled AP and autonumous AP?
With another customer I have tested the good roaming between 5 autonumous AP, but only with a pc and a video call, not with a phone call.
cenk sasmaztin
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Re: MSM710 full, need two more AP

msm mobility controller support L2 fastauthentication and L3 roaming

if you don't use L3 roaming not needed controller for L2 roaming

but... L2 fast authentication important feature wireless client authentication on controller and roam to another access point authentication more than fast autonumous access point and more than wireless roaming performance.

voice ethernet packet case sensetive delay and congestion because voice application use udp protocol. does not disappear in the back

If your system is set up with controller and use voip ,video on the wireless network
You must purchase 760 controller
more than performance and easy control

but only use pc data traffic on wireless network all access point may be autonoumus mode

I would not recommend some access point autonoumus some access point controller mode on same network...

good luck

Mauro Furini
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Re: MSM710 full, need two more AP

Thank's a lot