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MSM710 with more than 10 access points


MSM710 with more than 10 access points

I have some access points with MSM710, but now we have some new space to cover.

If I get the 11th access point, do I then have no choice but update to MSM760? Or can I just double up and get another MSM710?


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Re: MSM710 with more than 10 access points

If you will add up a lot of APs then just upgrade to MSM760. (Base support 40 APs)
If you just need to add a few more (may be <10 add up) then just buy another unit of MSM710 will do.
Manual provision the APs to discover the secondary MSM710 controller. Let's said 10 unit to primary controller and 10 unit to another secondary controller. Set both controller VSC & SSID to the same name (make it transparent to user)
For non Access Controller VSC, you will have no problem (because you just egress the VLAN ID in when user authenticated).
For Access Controller VSC, need to make sure the local account you add in primary will be updating in secondary as well.
Others, I think overall is OK. This will be cost saving way.