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I am just installing a MSM710 controller with MSM310 access points.

I have got the LAN port plugged into our LAN with nothing in the INTERNET port.

I have created the default VSC with WPA2 security and it all works fine, I get a DHCP address from our server and have got full network access once on.

My question is if I now want to add Active Directory authentication as a extra layer, how do I acheive this.

I have following the instructions and setup AD, (joined the realm) then activated the Default AC Active Directory group, then added HTML based user logons with AD in the VSC but I do not get prompted for authentication.

Am I misunderstanding how this should be setup?

Any pointers would be great.

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Re: MSM710

I'm not sure I understand why you need HTML authentication here. As you said, you have WPA2 already setup and working.

To achieve the integration with Active Directory, and assuming you have properly joined your Active Directory serve and that your active directory groups are setup as well, you just need to make sure you select WPA2 with Dynamic key source. Then in the 802.1X authentication box to select remote/active directory and you are done.

No need for HTML authentication here. And especially if you want your users to authenticate using AD what I've just described above is so convenient because they are logging into their computer once (when they log in into windows) and if they select in their wireless connection setup "use windows credentials" it is totally transparent for them, the wireless goes up and boom they are authentified, no need to retype the username or password.