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MSM720 DHCP for new VSC

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MSM720 DHCP for new VSC


Our MSM720 is connected to our office switch (HP 5120) , from which it is getting the VLANs, networking and DHCP (On 5120 DHCP relay on vlans point to a windows DHCP server).

I need to create a new seperate VSC with a stand-alone network configuration unrelated and not connected to our 5120 office switch.

I've configured an interface on our FG FW and enabled DHCP on it (so the FG will deliver DHCP), the network is: /24

I then Connected the physical FG interface (port 5, vlan 90) to our MSM720 on port 2, configured this port to be untagged on vlan 90, created an IP interface with static IP , created new network profile and attached it to VLAN 90.

The new SSID (Cloud-Wifi) is visible, but I am unable to get DHCP via WIFI.

For testing purposes, I configured port 4 on the MSM720 to vlan 90 untagged, connected a laptop to that port and it managed to receive DHCP successfully from the FG FW, so the problem is only when connecting via WIFI.

Communuication between the 5120 networks and the new Cloud-Wifi 192.168.90.x network should NOT be allowed.

Can anyone help please ?


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Re: MSM720 DHCP for new VSC

I'd start by configuring the DHCP relay in the VSC itself instead of connecting switch. Does this change the situation?


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