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MSM720 Guest Network Trouble


MSM720 Guest Network Trouble

I'm trying to configure a guest wireless network ( using an HP MSM720 controller. Here is the proposed topology - I would like to tunnel all the client data through so that it doesn't reach the rest of the network:

http://imgur.com/a/EKbuF **The internet port attached to the router is #6, while #5 is connected to the existing network in the current configuration that I'd like to get rid of.

If I understand the configuration guide correctly, I have the option of tunneling all of the VSC's wireless traffic straight to the controller and out of one of the Internet ports directly to the router. I've also been led to believe that there is no need to tag the VLAN of the guest network anywhere on the switch which connects the AP to the controller, since the traffic is tunneled through the management VLAN ( Are my assumptions incorrect?

Here are the settings on the controller:


The router and controller can ping each other fine. I set up a laptop with a static ip address on the network and can't ping either.

The other entries in the routing table are (among other things) existing guest networks that run through the internal network. I want to get rid of these but first have the replacement VSC in place for minimal downtime.

Is something in the routing screwed up? Any advice is appreciated.

Bonus: After deleting some interfaces and recreating them, it looks like some unnecessary routes were added (or not removed?). When I try and remove them via command line it accepts the input but does nothing. They're also locked in the GUI.