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MSM720 Guest wireless printing and projector use

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MSM720 Guest wireless printing and projector use

Hello all,

Here is my dilemma.  I have two Epson networked projectors.  They are connected with a wire to our primary network, and they both contain a wireless card, which is on our guest wireless network.  I cannot hit that wireless connection from any device (phone or computer) regardless of what SSID I use.  I have an MSM720 and MSM460/466 APs. I have set Allow Traffic Between Wireless Clients to ALL from NONE on the guest network, but it does not make a difference.

To make it more confusing, this worked for almost a day prior to it not working.  I have since updated the firmware due to HP's recommendation, but that also did not fix the issue.  HP has now said this is "by design" for guest networks.  Does anyone have any insight into what I'm trying to do?  Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Thank you