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MSM720 and E-MSM430 AP's vlan/DHCP issue

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MSM720 and E-MSM430 AP's vlan/DHCP issue

Hi All,


Got a problem I'm not 100% sure what is going on.


On my main site I have a Wireless(192.168.1.x) subnet for my employees and a guest subnet (10.1.1.x) (that has only access to the internet) on my wireless subnet I have a MSM720 and 1 MSM430 and I have configured the controller for the 2 VSC's and have egressed the guest subnet to VLAN ID 4.  All works great with no problems.  I get addresses where I would expect to on each of the wireless subnets I have configured.


Here is my problem..


I need to extend wireless access to another location that is connected via MPLS.


At the remote site I want to use the main subnet (192.168.3.x) that I have already created for the VSC for the employees and I have created a new subnet (10.1.2.x) that is for guest access with internet only.  Same config as the main site but just with different IP's (obviously).


I'm able to discover the 430's at the remote site with no problems, configure and communicate.  I have tagged all the necessary ports on the switch at that location (procurve sw) and when I connect to the main VSC I am able to get an IP on the .3 subnet. However when I connect to the guest VSC I'm able to authenticate but it will not grab an IP.  We have a router providing dhcp on that vlan at the remote site so there shouldn't be any dhcp relay that has to be done.  When I configure a port on the switch to be untagged to that VLAN I get an IP as I should.  So I know the dhcp is working. 


I have also removed the msm430's from the controller and manually configured them they way I have the controller configured and wireless works 100% both on the main subnet and the guest subnet.


Its almost like I'm missing something in the controller to link the guest VSC to the 10.1.2.x  VLAN.  Everything I seem to check in the controller looks like its egressing that VLAN as it should.


Is there something I should be checking or maybe I'm missing?  I have read through a lot of documentation and can't seem to pin point anything that would help.


Many thanks for any insight! 

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Re: MSM720 and E-MSM430 AP's vlan/DHCP issue

You may want to post a network diagram showing where the vlans are defined, the WAN connections and router(s), and where the gateways are. Do you tunnel the remote guest VSC back to the controller and egress via the Internet port, or is it supposed to egress to a WAN connection at the remote site? I don't know squat about MPLS, but I assume it's not an option to put the same guest VSC/ VLAN at the remote site even just as a trial?
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Re: MSM720 and E-MSM430 AP's vlan/DHCP issue

Thanks for the response, and I"m sorry it took me a while to respond.  Projects and vacations.. :)


Anyway, I can work on a diagram but its a pretty simple setup.  We can do what we need to at this point with the Guest VSC since its not working as it should.


Basically I want to keep that traffic at that remote site.  I don't have any need for it to come back to the controller.  The Guest VLAN at the remote site is protected from gaining access to any other VLAN.  We have the same setup at our main location and it works great.  So I'm confused as to why when connecting to the Guest VLAN at the remote site I don't get a DHCP address from the local DHCP server.  I want all that guest VLAN traffic to use the local gateway at the remote site.


Hopefully that makes sense.


Any suggestions?

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Re: MSM720 and E-MSM430 AP's vlan/DHCP issue

Still no solution for this...


Seems like this is a fairly common issue from what I'm reading in the forums, but no one is offering any kind of response.


Here is what I've gathered... Maybe this can help shed some light on this topic for all the experts.


Since my Controller is on my main site and the VSC's are working as I would expect them to, I'm starting to think that extending the same VSC to a remote AP is causing some routing issues.


I have a VSC on the remote location AP that devices can connect to but does not get a DHCP address.  I'm thinking that the controller is blocking (or its not routed correctly) access to the local VLAN of the AP that the VSC is configured for. Thus DHCP request is not hitting the local VLAN and the device can't get an address from the local DHCP server at the remote site on that particular VLAN.


I did read somewhere that the controller is more like a router, so that makes me think, do I have to configure a DHCP relay for that VSC?  If so, how would I go about doing that?  Seems kinda crazy since you can't add multiple VSC's with the same SSID.  So there must be something that I'm missing with the config of that VSC.


Any help??


Re: MSM720 and E-MSM430 AP's vlan/DHCP issue

did all of the vsc belong to same group?