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MSM720 and Manually Onboarding Laptops

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MSM720 and Manually Onboarding Laptops



I have setup a the MSM720 with a VSC for 802.1x and AD authentication but having issues for first time connect on laptops.  We are using  MSM460/430 APs. Our AD authentication is working fine, but it seems you have to be "wired" on first connect to get the cert thumbprint for first connect then you are ok after getting the "key" or certificate (?) Can I export the Entrust SSL cert in the MSM720 and manually import them on laptops when prepped for new users?

We do not have a PKI or CA solution but I think the manual export and import of PKCS certs should do it. What do I need to export from the MSM or is this not the right way to go? Which certs would I need to export to get this to work each time?


Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.