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MSM720: internal VSC works but guest doesn't

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MSM720: internal VSC works but guest doesn't

Hi guys,


we are not able to setup our MSM720 to provide guest-access. The VSC for internal access works fine (connected MSM via trunked port (port 1) to switch and using the egress setting).


If we try to setup the guest VSC we don't get an IP from the desired vlan ( and not a html login form. Instead w get an IP from the default vlan (10.3.3..).

We connected the controller to the switch using an untagged port with vlan 80, activated authentication and access control and DHCP relay. Because of authentication and access control the VSC bindings => "Egress network" setting to the internet network is not available (see screenshot).


Instead of writing down the hole config we prepared some screenshots here: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=9AD9EB48C18EC202!114&authkey=!AAmk0a0nNeF1ESo&ithint=folder%2cpng


Could you give us a hint, how to tell the MSM to put all clients in "Test" to vlan 80 and present the html login to them? Thank you!