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MSM720 remote access points

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MSM720 remote access points



i'm completely new with HP Wirless Controller and i would like to know if

the MSM720 could support access points on a remote site.


i know with Cisco it's calles HREAP or Flexconnect but with HP.....



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Re: MSM720 remote access points

Yes !

If communication between these networks is entirely possible. A look on the Provisioning feature.



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Re: MSM720 remote access points

Oke Thanks!.


i have one other question and that is with provisioning what will happen to the AP's

that are connected via layer 2 (same subnet as controller) when i turn on this option?

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Re: MSM720 remote access points

To first question. Sure Yes you can. First case you will establish Site-to-Site VPN and in this case you have normal L3 provisioning. But it is possible also to connect APs directly without VPN to controller but you need a lot of ports opened on the NAT, but It is possible and in system it looks as L3+NAT.


Your second question: You can provision APs by more ways.

First is completely automatic - L2 subnet - AP sends broadcast, finds the controller, connect and communicate (firmware upgrade, configuration upload, etc)

Second is also automatic but over L3 - for this case you need to setup your DHCP server with option, your create new vendor attribute with Colubris-AP data and assign the field with IP address of the controller.

Third is completely manual provisioning - you login to IP (on the AP) and setup IP address, VLAN, or additional parameters, and Controller IP. After Restart AP directly contact controller.

Fourth is forced from controller and this is your question.

You automaticaly discover AP, by L2 or L3 and you need to change IP address, or controller IP or something other (for example controller VLAN). So you have AP communicating. First you must prepare the configuration, on AP, or on group you have in Configuration the option Provisioning.On those two tabs (which is similar to provisioning interface when you are configuring AP manually) you can setup VLANs, IP address for AP, IP of the controller etc. But first you must untick Inheritance. 

At this time it is important to know one thing. It is global setup which allows provisioning to be overwritten in AP. You can find this in Controlled APs - Provision. Be carefull, If this is ticked, this means that you can overwrite provisioning, so your setup made on APs is active.

If this is ticked and configuration on AP is saved you need to reboot the AP for new setup.

So result: If provisioning is allowed and you setup something in Provisioning directoly on AP (or group) you must first Synchronize this config to AP and then reboot. After reboot all settings will be active.

If you dissallow (default) manual provisioning in this case are these configurations left intact and nothing happens.

So it can be little dangerous and you must be carefull. You must check first if provisioning was setup correctly before you enable manual provisioning.

Sorry for long sentences.

Michal Dolezal, DiS.
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