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MSM720 setup with guest wifi and private wifi via Radius. Is this a usable design?

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MSM720 setup with guest wifi and private wifi via Radius. Is this a usable design?


I hope someone can give his remarks/recommendations about the setup I am deploying with a customer. To be honest I am used to work with Cisco stuff, but from time to time I have to deploy HP wireless devices.

At this moment I have rolled out an HP MSM 720 with 12 MSM430 AP's.
The internet gateway is an ISA server with originally 2 nics: 1 Lan, 1 internet.
I added 1 interface as a DMZ to use a guest wifi and route traffic via this interface with a dedicated public ip

the config looks like this:

ISA server DMZ interface to SWITCH1-port49 untagged vlan 10
SWITCH1-port48 tagged vlan 10 to MSM720-port5 (internet port)tagged vlan 10
MSM720-port1 untagged vlan 1 to SWITCH1 port 1 untagged vlan 1 (office network)
Accesspoints all untagged in vlan 1 on POE SWITCH1 since traffic is tunneled, they cannot reach inside lan.

Now I need to add the private office network with RAdius authentication.
The inside network doesn't have enough free address space so I decided to add a vlan;
I set up an additional interface on the ISA, since this thing and some of the customers'switches donot support vlan tagging, with subnet
on the SWITCH1 and the MSM720 I created vlan 12 for this subnet
on SWITCH1 I connected the subnet to untagged vlan 12 port
On MSM port 6 I have tagged vlan 12 to a vlan 12 tagged port on the SWITCH1
The AP's will be tagged for vlan 12 and connect to SWITCH1 via tagged vlan 12
The MSM controller port 1 untagged for vlan 1 and tagged for vlan 12 connects to SWITCH1
Traffic for guest wifi travels tunneled via port 1 untagged
Traffic for private office network travels also via port 1 but tagged vlan 12. The ISA handles/routes the connection to the inside office LAN.


Thank you for any help.