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MSM730 5.5.3 Firmware

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MSM730 5.5.3 Firmware

After applying the firmware update, Windows computers are no longer able to automatically authenticate using 802.1x and Active Directory. However, Mac users using their Active Directory usernames and passwords are able to authenticate. Also, manually entering credentials with just username and password from Windows allows a user to login.

The service controller is rejecting authenication attempts formatted as domain\username and password, but it will accept just the username (without domain) and password. As a result, all Windows computers configured to use the logged in users credentials for 802.1x authentication cannot get on the wireless network.

Stephen Swain
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Re: MSM730 5.5.3 Firmware

I assume you are going direct from the controller to AD? Have you checked the DC's for error messages related to this?


Are you able to redirect those clients through dot1x to a windows radius server and then to AD, and see if that works?