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MSM730 Access Control and DHCP (forwarding)

Marco Kühni
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MSM730 Access Control and DHCP (forwarding)

It seems to me that as soon as I enable access control on one of my vscs the controller won't forward or even let pass any DHCP requests to my router.

Am I right with this, or missing something? Is there even a way to let it forward any data in unauthenticated state while using access control (already tried vsc egress mapping - didn't help)?

Thested with and without:
-Wireless filter enabled
-VLAN on router network for DHCP relay with and without IP for the controller to do either ingress mapping vs. egress mapping

see attachment for topolgy overview
Thnx in advance!
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Re: MSM730 Access Control and DHCP (forwarding)

This is true. When you enable access control, the controller intercept all traffic to serve IPs, ACLs, or guest portal. The only way to get this working with access control is to configure the controller in DHCP relay and relay the requests to the proper DHCP server in the network.