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MSM730 and MSM320 config issues

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MSM730 and MSM320 config issues

I use a wireless network on the european tour to provide a scoring network.

This network spans across a different golf course every week (constantly changing).

I am using MSM730 as the controller with current firmware and MSM320's as AP's.

The MSM320's are installed externally in water proof containers and powered by battery.

I am using 20ft coax cable with pigtails and 15db (2.4 G) aerials, these are installed on 16ft poles on the top of appx 20-30ft camera tower.

Currently, I am using 1 aerial on radio 2 as mesh and ap and quite often use appx 10-12 AP's to cover a golf course, which will include 2-3 hops for some AP's.

I have 2 groups, 1 for wired (Masters) and 1 for non-wired (Alt Masters).

I have put radio 1 into "monitor" mode and radio 2 to Ap and mesh mode (802.11g) channel automatic.

I am using Motorola MC55 pda's to transmit the scores via the wifi.

The problems I am experiencing are that:

1: I only get 300-400 meters between AP's and less than 50 meters signal to the pda.

2: The wireless services offered by the AP's constantly stop and start.

I have tried using 802.11 A for mesh only on radio 1, but get even less distance between AP's, and the same is true if I use another 802.11 g aerial on radio 1.

Basically, I am not getting a stable wifi network and not the distance/signal strengh that I would expect.

Any help / advice would be very much appreciated.

Re: MSM730 and MSM320 config issues


As i understand that WiFi is continously disconnecting.
what are the channel your using in each AP.
what configuration you have done in controller,can you send me the config so that i can check...i will try to resolve your issue.
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Re: MSM730 and MSM320 config issues

Dont forget everytime you mesh you halve your bandwidth, not that I think it is a bandwidth issue if you are sending small amounts of Data. What type of Coax Cable are you running? at 20ft you want it to be LowLoss.

Have you done any analisys at any of the locations to see what the actual ariwaves look like and also if there is any other interferance?

Procurve/coluburis is great indoors but isnt that great in the outdoor mesh space. I would look at Ruckus Wireless for that.


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Re: MSM730 and MSM320 config issues

Hi, thanks for the replies and sorry for the delay in my response (had the winter period off and now back at work).

I have attached my current controller config which I hope you are able to look at and appreciate your comments.

I am now meshing on A and ap on G.

I am using low loss coaxial cable.

Many thanks,