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MSM760 ( - 100% CPU Load?

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MSM760 ( - 100% CPU Load?

We have a large site with ~70 410 access points serving 150 users.  During normal usage the controller shows 100% CPU utilization and makes logging into the unit via WAN/LAN difficult.



Anyone else seeing this type of issue?

Mauro Furini
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Re: MSM760 ( - 100% CPU Load?

Have you enabled the LLDP creation name of the ap?

We have found this strange issue, turning off the automatic creation of the name with lldp we have solved.

Let me know your results



Re: MSM760 ( - 100% CPU Load?

I had a similar CPU problem. Go to Controller -> Tools -> System Tools -> Show current PS and PROC contents.


In my case, the syslog-ng process was at 100%.


The cause was Controller -> Network -> IGMP Proxy. Disabled that setting and syslog-ng started behaving again.