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MSM760 - AD Authentication - strange issue

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MSM760 - AD Authentication - strange issue

Hi everyone,


I have a rather odd issue. My msm760 is configured to provide AD authentication. I have a VSC that is not access controlled and a MSM430 AP.


When I try to connect to my WLAN it fails and within my logs (Windows 7) I get the message 'Explicit EAP failure received'.


The strange thing is, I login to the same machine as a test user and that connects fine. Immediately after this I log out and log back in as me and then it also connects fine. When I reboot my machine and try to login again as myself, it comes up with the error message as above and does not connect me to the WLAN.


This is what I get from my eventvwr


Reason: Explicit Eap failure received
Error: 0x2b3
EAP Reason: 0x2b3
EAP Root cause String:
EAP Error: 0x80420112


Now that, apparently, means that the login credentials are incorrect, but how can they be? I logout and log back is as my test uer and it works, then log back in as myself and it works.


Something strange going on, could anyone help me please?




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Re: MSM760 - AD Authentication - strange issue

Could it be something as simple as specifying the domain name within the wireless settings on the pc? EX, domainname\username