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MSM760 - Configure for AD

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MSM760 - Configure for AD

We have an MSM760 wireless controller we use for some employees/clients in our business environment. Right now we have two VSC's (Connection1 and Connection2). The way it's configured now, Connection1 allows users to access items on our internal network, and Connection2 is for "Guests". Everything is authenticating through the controller right now. So, if someone opens a wireless connection, clicks on Connection1, enters the username and password we have set in the controller, they get into the network. We have the user/pass for Connection2 posted on our intranet site, so that employees can easily get it, and give it to clients, if they need internet access.  However, we want Connection1 to authenticate through Active Directory, but want to keep Connection2 to authenticate through the wireless controller so "Guests" can use it to check their emails, etc.


My question is....is this possible?




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Re: MSM760 - Configure for AD

yes its possible.

how do you set them to key in user/pass when their login? using html?