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MSM760 Firmware Upgrade

Stephen Schickler
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MSM760 Firmware Upgrade

We’re running 5.3.6 on the 760s and upgrading to 5.5.3.  The 760 will take the firmware upgrade but the 422s won’t take the upgraded firmware from the access controller. They just seem to keep initializing themselves. But, they will take it in autonomous mode. Then, when I roll back to 5.3.6, everything is fine. This is happening on 7 of 11 controllers.  4 of the 11 upgraded flawlessly. I cannot find any correlation between the serial numbers or the ROM version.

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Re: MSM760 Firmware Upgrade

Try going to "Controlled AP" then go to "Default group" once there go to config and click on the MSM422, then remove the inherit and then just click "Save" at the bottom, and try sync the APs after that, see if that helps

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Re: MSM760 Firmware Upgrade

Please check the unfiltered log on the controller for messages around this issue.


Once you have updated them autonomously, will they then connect to the controller?



Richard Litchfield
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Re: MSM760 Firmware Upgrade

I had a similar symptom (APs continually reset after some change). A very inelegant fix (but a pretty quick one) was to reset the controller to defaults and manually re-enter the config.


In my case the problem was a timesync/daylight saving mismatch (that was fixed with a later FW update). It looks like you may have bought the new MSM4xx APs and got the free upgrade to 5.5 to support them? You may want to consider buying the upgrade to 5.7 and get the fixes contained in that.