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MSM760 Internet behind ASA5505

jeff Krawczyk
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MSM760 Internet behind ASA5505


I have an autonomous network (Cisco, HP, etc) and in my DMZ I have wired clients and also the Internet port of my MSM760 where I need my wireless users to access the Internet through.

I'm using a websense as my web content filtering service which is located inside of my network. My wired DMZ clients are regulated through web sense and this works fine, but the wireless users on my MSM760 is a different story. If I VPN from my wireless network into my corporate network, websense works. If I only expect the Internet port NAT IP to filter against my inside web sense filter, this 'kind-of' works. I(I don't get the reestriction banner) even though websense is blocking access to prohibited sites.

I tried turning off the MS firewall, no luck. I'm going to get dirty and place packet sniffers and capture to try to figure this out. Meanwhile I;m hoping that someone out there know's what I'm talking about and have a solution.



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