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MSM760 Internet port and firewall placement

Jeffrey Krawczyk
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MSM760 Internet port and firewall placement


My colleague is planning on connecting the internet port on our HP msm760 into our outside public internet space. I would feel more comfortable if a firewall was connected to the internet port on the msm760 and the firewall (ASA 5505) would provision the security.

Does anyone practice this model and how would I setup the HP internet port? passthrought? assign an IP? Not sure.



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cenk sasmaztin
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Re: MSM760 Internet port and firewall placement

hi jeff
on MSM controller internet port for go to the your local network

for lan port go to the access point device for management and passing your wireless user your local network.

1-assign your local ip on internet port.(internet port must have connect local network include dhcp server all other server ,pc and internet router

2-disable dhcp server option on MSM controller

3- enable dhcp relay on MSM controller

4-assign managemet ip on lan interface for MSM controller device and access point device

all wireless client take ip address your dhcp server and go to your local network
if you want on controller or without on controller (directly gateway)

consequently internet interface for wifi network associate your local network