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MSM760 Joining an AD Domain

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MSM760 Joining an AD Domain



I' m new to MSM760 with AD but now my problem is to Join the MSM to the domain.


I go to the active directory autentication page and i insert the:


name of the device: msm760

domain net bios: myagency

windows domain myagency


and insert the username: administrator and password: "admin password". but whemn click to Join Realm Now. It does not work

comes out the error  (149) Unkown Domain.


My question is:

1. Why?

2. I have the domain in LAN port of the controller. Is ok ? MSM looks for ad domain in the lan port or in the internet port?

3. I have to set up something in my ad to accept connection.

4. I have windows 2003 r2 domain controller




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Re: MSM760 Joining an AD Domain

More than likely its a DNS issue.  Your controller has to be able to resolve things by name including the domain.  Just make sure that the controller can resolve anything by name.

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Re: MSM760 Joining an AD Domain

I had to switch the order of our AD DNS servers in order to join the realm. Not sure why...


Re: MSM760 Joining an AD Domain

1) can you ping to the AD from the controller?
2) can you see the controller from the AD user list?

i have this issue with AD before this, but its already solved
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Re: MSM760 Joining an AD Domain

You simply made a mistake in the domain name

windows domain myagency should be the domain name

As per your settings it seems to me that myagency is the server name


So for example if the server FQDN is myserver.myagency.com then the domain name is myagency.com