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MSM760 + MSM410 strange behaviour

Michael Hess
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MSM760 + MSM410 strange behaviour

We have running two MSM760 Controllers (v both) working as a Team, controlling 110 MSM410s.


Now we have got some very strange behaviour which causes big troubles in running the wireless network useful.  


Well, all APs are correctly recognised by the two MSM760s, they got synchronised and updating the firmware from the controllers - so on first look, everything works like it should. But last week I saw something strange and have absolutely no idea, why this happens: I found out, that some MSM410s are working on 5GHz radio. But all radio settings are configured as a 2,4GHz radio with only channels 1, 6 and 11 allowed. I tried to make an individual radio config for one MSM410 which was working on 5GHz and set it to 2,4GHz. After synchronizing, nothing changed. So I tried to restart the AP. After that, this MSM410 was working correct on 2,4GHz. So I tried a restart of all APs which are working wrong and after this, all APs were working on 2,4GHz again.

So as I left this customer last week, all works fine for the moment.


But now we got a call, that same issues are present again. Some MSM410s (randomly) are working on 5GHz again.

We have absolutely no clue about this. Anyone got same problems?


A second issue with this setup is the following:


When a client connects to a VSC, it passes the RADIUS authentication without any problems but he gets no IP from the DHCP. The Windows  wireless-status says "connected". Again, if I do a restart of the AP and the client does a reconnect, everything works fine, DHCP is working and the client got it's IP.


Tomorrow I'am again with the customer to do a firmware update (v or v but I'am not sure if this will help (but it's the customers wish)


So anyone got similar issues an maybe even got a solution? Are there any experiences with the two mentioned new firmwares? Which should be preferred? I saw v6.2.0.1 has a never release date than v6.3.0.0


Thanks for help