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MSM760 Multiple VSC Controller Internal DHCP

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MSM760 Multiple VSC Controller Internal DHCP

Hello i have an Issue with MSM 765, i need to configure a Wifi network for a School, The school does not have a DHCP server and need to use the controller internal DHCP server, and users will authenticate localy using HTTP, there are a few VSC's that need to be configured each in its own dhcp Scope i configured the VSC's and dhcp scope, the local users, the Lan port IP, the default route, the DHCP scope to be used by the AP's, i am able to conect to the VSC's recieve the IP form the corresponding Scope, able to ping the lan port of the controller from the client notebook attached to the VSC, (in a total diferent Ip range) i am able to autenthicate using the local user, but there is no acces to internet. the configurations are this


Lan port

Ip route (core switch) all who reaches that IP is able to acces internet

administrative DHCP scope (for accespoints administration) -


VSC1 (not default) acces controled, authenctication HTML, traffic tuneled, DHCP scope - mask gateway, dns subnet


VSC2 (not default) acces controled, authentication HTML trafic tuneled, DHCP scope - mask gateway gateway dns subnet


seems like the traffic go in the controller but does not got forward to the internet. can anyone help me on this.